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Customer innovation lab for e-mobility (KIE-Lab)

Developing bridge solutions for e-mobility services


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In e-mobility, even a mature technological innovation doesn’t always lead automatically to success. Customers need to be brought in early on and be closely involved in the regional e-mobility services chain. They should be given the chance to be integrated into the process and help define and create services. The benefit to the customer serves as a vital link between provider and market. Fully involving customers and potential users helps precisely clarify the requirements for e-mobility and demonstrate the benefits of e-driving.


Building a customer lab

With this in mind, the joint project is setting up an innovative customer lab for e-mobility (KIE-Lab). There, customers and providers can jointly develop services, forging new paths for e-mobility and preparing for their implementation. Services generated in this way create a “bridge” to higher acceptance among customers of e-mobility as a whole (bridge services). These bridge services might include bringing e-vehicles to users (availability) or configuring personal settings and equipping vehicles with personal accessories (personalizing). What matters is retaining services that offer electricity for e-mobility from renewable sources.


Customer idea → service → business model → customer integration

Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH, an energy provider in Dortmund, Germany, will run the long-term customer lab where customer ideas about services can be directly implemented and provide a basis for commercial use. Other cities have the chance to promote e-mobility via the E-mobility Roundtable in Dortmund. Together they will first generate a customer-driven map for forecasting future demand for space and infrastructure in the cities, which can be used to further expand the e-mobility infrastructure. The quality of the customer involvement will be an important component in helping e-mobility achieve a breakthrough.

Keywords: e-mobility, customer integration, bridge services



Dr. Rüdiger Klatt
Research Institute for Innovative and Preventive Job Design (FIAP e.V.)
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