Services for e-mobility

Viewing e-mobility as an overall system

“Re-thinking the car” is the slogan of the German government’s electric mobility programme. However, achieving a more widespread use of electric vehicles on the roads and in the streets is actually a complex challenge. Numerous elements need to be considered in order to design the overall system of e-mobility and its various technical and organisational interfaces in a seamless, user-friendly and affordable way for the population. Only then will it be possible for a concept to prevail in the market.


Systematic development of user-friendly services for e-mobility

© Andres Rodriguez /

© Andres Rodriguez /

The previous initiatives and projects for e-mobility are predominantly focused on technology. In order to spread new technologies developed, innovative and user-focused service models are now necessary.

However, new wide-area e-mobility services do not spring from themselves. It is necessary to positively develop strategies and concepts, test them in pilot applications and make the knowledge generated therefrom available to interested service providers. In this way, the technological development is complemented by services and a new user-friendly approach to mobility emerges.


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