Market structures and future scenarios

Germany as a showcase marketplace for e-mobility

The ambitious goal of the national development plan for e-mobility which aims at bringing at least one million electric vehicles on to the roads and into the streets in Germany heavily relies on the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles in the population. A technical basis geared to the customers’ needs and innovative, product-driven and customer-focused services aim at changing car drivers’ habits and helping to spread e-mobility in Germany quickly – so that Germany becomes a showcase marketplace of e-mobility in the medium and long term.


© zhu difeng /

© zhu difeng /

Identifying market potentials for e-mobility at an early stage

In the first place, the DELFIN project maps the current national and international market structures with their numerous stakeholders and extremely different degrees of networking in order to identify market potentials at an early stage. The next step involves developing scenarios for mobility concepts for the year 2020 and beyond. These future scenarios depict the prospects for different developments in the e-mobility market for the years 2020+.


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