Information technology as a success factor

Using information technology to create new networking opportunities in the marketplace

Information technology (IT) is one of the fundamental prerequisites for establishing e-mobility successfully. It offers new options for networking existing and new potential market actors, utilising existing information, tapping new sources of information and developing new forms of participation. This will in turn create new market potentials and thus incentives for providers to develop attractive services for e-mobility.


Identifying and utilising interface synergies in research projects

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Within the scope of the work package titled “Information technology as a success factor”, the DELFIN project shows those IT-supported e-mobility services where interface synergies have already been identified and standardised and where other potentials can be found. This is achieved by a framework which assesses and positions existing research projects and the services developed within these.

The objective is to obtain an overview of which e-mobility services could be supported by IT in which ways and where different initiatives should unfold synergies.


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