Innovation and user-friendliness

Viewing customers as the focus of business models for e-mobility

Successful services are geared to the customer. However, how can providers adapt their services optimally to their customers? What do successful business models for innovative e-mobility services look like?

© Fraunhofer IAO

© Fraunhofer IAO

The users and their requirements should be in the focus of innovation. Only then will it be able to prevail in the market. A fundamental necessity is a consistently user-focused innovation management with a set of methods and tools for systematic service-related user analysis. The second building block of a successful service is its systematic translation into a marketable offering. This involves defining the business model which ensures the economic sustainability of a customer-focused service.


Exploring customers’ needs using innovative methods

The DELFIN project deals with already established and new methods of user analysis which can also be used efficiently by small and medium-scale enterprises. The result is a comprehensive model of innovation including process descriptions, methods, templates and examples from practice. A modular structure permits flexible customisation to the specific situation of an organisation.


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