Priority funding category “Service innovation for electric mobility”

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“Please charge” … This request will be heard more often in the future since – everybody agrees – electric cars will dominate the future. In order to accelerate this technological change and leverage electric mobility in Germany, intelligent and systematic interlinking of technological and service-related innovations is necessary. Services play a decisive role since they bring new technologies – such as electric mobility – to the customers and thus make it possible to use and experience them in the first place. Developing and offering modular services makes it possible to customise services optimally to the customers’ needs. The goal is to combine services and technological developments to form complex systems of value creation so that Germany becomes a user and customer-focused showcase marketplace for electric mobility.


Joint projects within the priority funding category

Besides the meta project DELFIN, 14 joint projects are currently funded within the priority funding category. They address issues round and about e-mobility services.

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Focus groups dealing with e-mobility services

The joint projects are organised according to two focus groups meeting regularly in workshops. The purpose of the focus groups is to pool the results and achieve a better integration of the research activities within the priority funding category.

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