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Operator concepts for experience-specific e-mobility services (BeEmobil)


BeMobil LogoOvercoming consumer skepticism

In countries such as Germany, taking e-mobility to the next level requires more than just the right technological advances – it also calls for the creation of networked, accompanying services that help make e-mobility more accessible and even more attractive for users. This is the only way to break down people’s reservations and open up new market opportunities. Consumers often feel skeptical about e-mobility and subjectively believe that purchasing an electric vehicle carries certain risks. Previous attempts to counter these perceptions have so far proved inadequate. These have included, for instance, dealers offering prospective buyers a conventional test drive, or people being invited to try the vehicles out while attending an event.


Making the benefits of e-mobility come alive

The BeEmobil project aims to reduce these barriers to entry by developing everyday solutions for operating and using e-mobility. Researchers intend to develop and test marketable operator concepts, such as special models for test drives and short-term rentals, sharing services for single and two-track e-mobility as well as an intelligent fleet management system. This will involve systematically recording user requirements and needs, and transferring them to innovative business models. Another important component to be examined as part of the project is what specific contribution mobility management measures can make towards boosting the widespread use of electric vehicles.


Stimulating demand through new service concepts

One project participant pursuing the goal of sustainably establishing e-mobility for the future is BMW Group. For the company, research results make a relevant contribution to improving market penetration, while the developed service concept speeds up the process of reducing innovation-related barriers and thereby drives market ramp-up. As the project implementation partner, DriveNow will test the developed services in its fleet to provide customers with their first taste of e-mobility. This means the requirements for (service) management in the car-sharing model can be tested in practice. University publication activities also ensure that the results will be used in other projects by companies not involved in the project.

Keywords: operating concept, services, reservations, barriers to entry, single-track electric mobility, two-track electric mobility


Caroline Schneider
BMW Group
Abteilung Mobilitätstechnologien
80788 München



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