CODIFeY joint project

Community-based service innovation for e-mobility (CODIFeY)


CODIFeY-LogoSteering society towards e-mobility through user integration

Doubts about the practicality of e-mobility, insufficient solutions and services and a lack of knowledge create a troublesome combination. Too few of those interested in e-mobility solutions actually decide to implement them. If we are to significantly increase the number of users as well as establish e-mobility in the long term, service strategies in particular are indispensable. Integrating potential users into the development of new e-mobility services and solutions is key to turning them into actual users of e-mobility.


Increasing the number of users via Web 2.0

The CODIFeY joint project will design an online community platform point of contact for all e-mobility stakeholders in Germany. The project will include modules on knowledge building, user analysis, and service innovation, and the results will be stored on the platform and fleshed out together with the users. In this way, users become co-creators of service innovations by joining together online to find practical e mobility solutions that work offline. For the user analysis module, stakeholder behavior patterns will be observed, analyzed and methodically processed. As a result, gaps in users’ knowledge can be identified and e-mobility service needs can be more easily detected.


Establishing e-mobility for the long term

Shortly after project completion, ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V., a large corporate network, plans to make the results available to its member companies, including energy providers. At that time, universities will also present the results at national and international conferences, publish them in relevant specialist magazines and integrate them into teaching. For the IT companies involved – chemmedia AG and Hyve Innovation Community GmbH – the project opens up new long-term business areas as software solutions for user integration are be expanded.

Keywords: e-mobility, user integration, Web 2.0, knowledge building, service innovation



Prof. Dr. Barbara Dinter
Technical University of Chemnitz
09107 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 531-34227


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