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Service innovations and e-mobility – the auto dealership as comprehensive solutions provider (DEAL)


DEAL-LogoAuto dealers and e-mobility: Time to strengthen the customer interface

Until now, none of the research activities or schemes concerned with e-mobility has really considered auto dealers and the vast potential they hold as a direct point of contact with customers. The first step toward tapping this potential is to use scientific methods to create the necessary concepts and tools and develop business models. These will then allow auto dealers to offer new services and help prime the market for e-mobility.


The auto dealership as a comprehensive solutions provider

The aim of the “Service innovations and e-mobility – the auto dealership as comprehensive solutions provider (DEAL)” project is to transform auto dealers into providers of e-mobility solutions. This entails developing new service concepts especially with dealers in mind, including for instance insurance policies for new kinds of damage, recycling models for batteries and new mobility options. In developing new services, the customer is considered an active partner in creating added value. This gives rise to new business models that prepare auto dealers for the profound changes that will take place in the mobility value chain. All this will be combined with a new concept for employee training. The plan here is to give dealership employees the knowledge and the tools they need to get customers excited about e-mobility.


A wider range of activities protects dealership jobs

Implementation partners Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG and Vößing GmbH plan to use the results over the medium and long term to position themselves in the market as providers of e-mobility solutions. Their focus is on immediately using the new services developed as part of the DEAL project to expand their business areas. DEAL is being supported by three multipliers (including AutoCluster NRW and Automotive Rheinland) who are in charge of circulating project results among smaller dealerships. Mercator Executive School GmbH is doing its part to ensure the results achieve recognition by developing suitable training schemes for companies. Processing selected results for further application will primarily be the responsibilty of the chairs at the University of Duisburg-Essen that are involved in the project. Once the project is complete, the short- and medium-term plan is to publicize the findings within the scientific community by participating in the relevant conferences, submitting articles to accredited national and international journals and holding lectures.

Keywords: e-mobility, auto dealer, service concepts, training



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