GeNaLog joint project

Low-noise nocturnal logistics (GeNaLog)

Quiet logistics services for urban areas via e-mobility


GeNaLog-LogoUsing electric delivery vehicles for low-emission logistics services in urban environments

Goods deliveries can be challenging when serving residents in the city center (e.g. pedestrian zones). Supermarkets and bakery franchises in particular receive deliveries during the early morning hours, and since Germany relaxed its law on retail shop opening hours, there’s often no relief on Sundays either. Disruptions are caused by noisy arrivals and departures, but also by pungent engine emissions.


Developing new logistics concepts with e-mobility

The GeNaLog consortium is developing new concepts and business models using electric delivery vehicles to cut down on the noise and emissions of deliveries in city areas and changing and expanding existing distribution logistics concepts. In order to address all stakeholders with the new “low-noise nocturnal logistics” concept, partners from the discount sector, food retail and fruit and vegetable wholesale contribute to the project.


Creating competitive advantages for logistics companies

Three project participants – REWE, DOEGO and TEDi – plan to apply and use the concept developed for low-noise nocturnal logistics within their companies. Employing electric vehicles will allow nighttime deliveries, thereby extending the time window for transport and delivery of goods. Designing more economoic and climate-neural commodity flows and supply chains leads to significant efficiency advantages and improves the competitive position of the respective companies. The number of delivery trips required each day is reduced by spreading delivery times over the whole day and/or the whole night, which means the company’s entire fleet size can be adjusted. This leads to a reduction in distribution costs.

Keywords: transport of goods with electric vehicles, store delivery, livable city, night logistics, user acceptance



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