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Smart e-mobility services system

Public transportation mobility services – tailored, flexible and integrated (Move@ÖV)


Move@ÖV-logoE-mobility helps tailor public transportation

For decades, public transportation has been based on expanding transportation structures and operating concepts such as fixed route networks and timed schedules. The trouble is that these no longer match the mobility needs of today’s passengers, which is why many of us continue to turn to our private vehicles as they offer us greater independence and flexibility. Public transportation has great potential for ensuring everyone can get around, relieving traffic congestion, increasing energy efficiency, protecting the environment, taking the stress out of traveling and enhancing communication. But to realize this potential, mobility options overall have to meet customer requirements. One solution is to apply smart, flexible e-mobility concepts in order to reshape public transportation and shift the focus from the individual modes of transportation to the quality offered by tailored connectivity.


Smart services system for e-mobility

MOVE@ÖV is exploring how to design a future portfolio of public transportation services based on e-mobility. Following an analysis of existing mobility services, new services will be created that factor in e-mobility transportation solutions as well as innovative information and communications technologies – using cloud services, for instance. These new services may include electric vehicles that are set up to carry both passengers and goods (“swarm-based” mobility). The services will then form the basis for developing business models.


Improving mobility options and raising their economic viability

Transportation company Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (NASA) plans to expand its portfolio to include IT tools and new services developed as part of the project. In the medium to long term, this expanded and enhanced mobility portfolio will attract new customers and help keep existing ones. After the project is complete, HaCon GmbH plans to create a marketing concept outlining how to launch and sell the software developed as part of the project. The software will eventually be offered to other transportation operators. Soon after the project is complete, the participating research institutions will publicize the results among the wider scientific community through publications, participation in national and international conferences and inclusion in educational programs.

Keywords: e-mobility, public transportation, e-mobility transportation solutions, information and communications technologies (ICT)



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